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Learn How Transdev Slashed Disaster Recovery Costs by 73%

Having a robust disaster recovery strategy is critical for enterprise-class organizations to avoid unplanned downtime and remain competitive. As a result, most companies seek a flexible, cost-effective solution that will reliably protect all workloads in the event of data corruption, ransomware, or natural disaster.

In this webinar, learn how one enterprise evaluated and chose a disaster recovery solution to protect its mission-critical workloads. Global transit firm Transdev describes how it worked with its IT partner, Gekko, to find a customizable solution utilizing CloudEndure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its recovery site. Gain insight into how this data-driven company implemented a new disaster recovery strategy to achieve IT resilience at a cost reduction of 73% compared to traditional solutions.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:
  • Determine if a disaster recovery solution can reliably protect all your applications, including databases and write-intensive workloads
  • Leverage the flexibility of AWS with CloudEndure
  • Save on your disaster recovery approach

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