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Decommission Your DR Data Center and Reduce TCO

Hands-on Tips for Evaluating DR Solutions

As companies grow, they often find that maintaining a secondary data center for disaster recovery (DR) is no longer a cost-effective strategy.

CGS, a global business applications, enterprise learning, and outsourcing services company, recently decided to decommission their secondary facility and shift their DR strategy to AWS.

After a thorough evaluation process, CGS chose CloudEndure's DR solution, which not only continuously replicates data, but also rapidly orchestrates the provisioning of VMs in the event of a disaster.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • How CGS saved more than 50% on DR TCO
  • What to look for and test during your DR evaluation process
  • Why snapshot-based DR solutions are risky
  • How DR in the cloud saves companies time and resources

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