Simplify Your Migration Journey to AWS

AWS Migration Made Easy!

Watch this joint AWS-CloudEndure webcast to learn how companies are simplifying migration to AWS - without disruption, downtime, or data loss.

The webcast includes:
  • A case study of VMware migration that took just 2 days
  • A demo of automated migration tools
  • Info on how to test migration before cutover
  • Tips on how to reduce disaster recovery costs


Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect, AWS
Gonen Stein, VP of Business Development, CloudEndure
Keith Son, Director of infrastructure, iN DEMAND

Discover the Best Methods for AWS Migration


“CloudEndure is a leading solution for automated cloud migration, which AWS customers depend on to ensure data integrity and uninterrupted business during migrations.” Barry Russell - GM of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services at AWS

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